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A painting of a bee

A bee! I love bees.  Seriously.  One of the nicest things about this year is seeing quite a few bees in the neighbourhood.

Digital Painting of a Bee on flowers by Von Allan

This was painted using Photoshop, though I did the pencils and inks in Manga Studio EX 4. Manga Studio in particular is a program I've really come around to. I never thought I'd get comfortable drawing and inking digitally, but over the past year I've really become a convert.  It's an amazingly intuitive program and I've become increasingly comfortable working this way.  And it is far, far faster than working traditional.  When it comes to making comics, that's a major plus.

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Stargazer by Von Allan


the road to god knows... by Von Allan

The road to god knows cover design

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TV Interview

Trailer for "Stargazer"

Trailer for "the road to god knows..."

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