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Shazam! The Mary Marvel Fan Club

I was thinking of Gail Simone's sadly rejected Shazam! project and, since I love the Marvel Family, I thought it would be fun to do something that honoured them. I have a major soft spot for Marc Swayze's Mary Marvel and Mac Raboy's Captain Marvel Jr. Not to mention Bob Oksner's wonderful updates of Mary in the Shazam! comics in the 1970s. I was actually thinking of one of Oksner's short stories featuring Mary in Shazam! 13 ("The Haunted Clubhouse") when I came up with this pin-up. That story was written by E. Nelson Bridwell and, while short, is a lot of fun.

Shazam! The Mary Marvel Fan Club by Von Allan

I tells ya, the Marvel Family are wonderful characters and I still think there is a way to make those characters relevant in the 21st century. The concept that C.C. Beck and Bill Parker created some 80 years ago has really stood the test of time; I think it's part of the reason the characters have been able to resist the various attempts to get all "grimdark" with them over the past few reboots.

It's also neat to take a quick break from Metal Gods and change gears. I've been hard at work on issue 4, but sometimes it's nice to refresh the ol' batteries and do something very different.

Holy moley!

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