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Webcomic Short Page Nine

Webcomic Test Page 09
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Questions for you, gentle reader:

  1. I'm very curious how this read on mobile devices.  So if gave it a shot on an iPod, cell phone, or whatnot, please let me know how you found the reading experience (either through a comment below or through email).

  2. Did you have any difficulty reading the font?

  3. I realize daily webcomics aren't for everyone, but would a daily (i.e.: every weekday) webcomic in this format be something you'd read, either daily yourself or with the occasional "catch up" visit?

  4. If you do like this story in this webcomic format, is it something you'd share with people you know?  In a way this is a big question; if I was going to commit "full stop" to a webcomic series, I'd want to see the readership grow (well, duh).  Would you share it with comic fans?  Would you share it with people who don't regularly read comics but who you think would like it anyway?

  5. I'm hoping to share a few more of these type of short stories over the next few weeks (I'm hard at work on two more as we speak).  These won't feature the same characters, but will feature a similar structure.  I'm hoping you'll give these a shot, too, and hopefully you'll like 'em, too.

  6. There is no number 6!

Thank you!

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