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WOLF'S HEAD Issue 7 is now available in print!

It took some doing, but I'm very pleased to announce that the latest issue of WOLF'S HEAD, Issue 7, has just arrived in print. Huzzah! Digital is coming quickly, too. The first part of this story can be found on ComiXology is right here. And the second part will be available starting on March 24th here.

While hiding in Alaska with her dog and the Artificial Intelligence she rescued, Lauren Greene has been pulled into a desperate search for a group of locals who've disappeared into an abandoned government complex. With no help from the police - and afraid that asking anyone else for assistance would risk revealing the AI to the people hunting it - Lauren chooses to return to the mysterious complex and search alone, despite the mysteries and terror she knows await her there.

Wolf's Head Issue 7 by Von Allan

As always, the metadata for this issue is slowly but surely propagating (ahem… “getting out there”); in other words, various book stores, comic shops, and other channels are receiving the metadata, but it's always hard to know when actual physical copies will become available in any particular venue. That said, here are some links to online retailers that have it or can order it so far:

I'm very pleased with how this story turned out. Full of twists and turns and excitement. I hope you like it, too!

Wolf's Head by Von Allan

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