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Metal Gods Issue 4 Final Page

I've been working away on Metal Gods pretty much non-stop over the past few months. I don't get too much of a chance to step back and look at the entire series as a whole, but since I'm currently putting the finishing touches on the fourth issue, I thought it would be a good chance to do so. Coincidentally enough, the final page of issue 4 is an especially good one to do that with, I think. It features Moira, Nick's granny, thinking "thinky thoughts" with the Leonids meteor shower streaking over head. It's actually one of my favourite pages of the series so far, mainly because it captures some of the emotional vibe that the series has. I love comics for their ability to do things like this; just to take a quiet image and make it very large. I think (well, I hope) that there's a lot going on in the series that rewards careful reading. A lot of love and emotion to go with the action and adventure.

Metal Gods Issue 4 final page by Von Allan

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