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In this area you'll find links to various interviews that I've done over the past number of months. Primarily radio but there's a television interview mixed in there, too! I really enjoy doing these and radio, in particular, is a medium I thoroughly enjoy. It's also fascinating to see how different hosts tackle interviewing me and I think the results are quite interesting to listen to. Alright, I'm a tad biased here but hopefully you'll find them interesting at the very least!


1. Rogers Television program Daytime Ottawa, Derick Fage and guest host Kurt Stoodley. We chat about my new comic Metal Gods and even talk about a little Spider-Man. Yes!

2. Rogers Television program Daytime Ottawa, hosted by Derick Fage and TL Rader. Mr. Fage and I chat about the road to god knows..., the controversy around the Lulu Awards, and my new graphic novel Stargazer.

3. Rogers Television program Talk Ottawa, hosted by James Hendricks. This is a full hour discussion where Mr. Hendricks and I chat about comics, graphic novels, art, mental illness and schizophrenia and the struggle to make it as a comic book artist.

4. Rogers Television program Ottawa Living. This was a short promo piece that was taped at Ottawa's Parkdale Gallery.


1. CBC Ottawa's drive home show All In A Day, hosted by Adrian Harewood.

2. CKCU FM's Friday Special Blend, hosted by Susan Johnston. I'm joined by the Parkdale Gallery's James Robinson.

3. CHUO FM's Click here, hosted by Mitchell Caplan. I'm joined by artist Cristian S. Aluas, too.

4. CHUO FM's Click here, hosted by Mitchell Caplan. This is a solo interview I did.

5. CKCU FM's Sound Mind, hosted by Heather Bruce.


  1.  Ottawa Citizen interview with Bruce Deachman (PDF Format)

  2.  Newsarama.com interview with Chris Arrant.

  3.  Comic Book Resources article by Arune Singh.

  4.  Comic Book Resources Interview with Justin Jordan.

  5.  Sequential Tart interview with Katherine Keller.

  6.  The Pulse interview with Jen Contino

  7.  Collector Times with Sheryl Roberts

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