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This area of the site is broken down into a number of smaller ones, mainly to keep things organized. You can navigate to the different section using the links below. And you can always click on the art link in the menu bar on the upper left to come back here.

Pinups thumbnailPin-ups, and One-Off Illustrations: a variety of other illustrations that I've done that don't fit easily into the other categories.  Wizards, kids, and all sorts of other stuff.  There's also a good combination of traditional and digital work; for the longest time I inked with my trusty brush, but I've been increasingly moving to inking digitally with Manga Studio EX.

Painting thumbnailPaintings and Colour Work: I used to work primarily in watercolour and goauche, but more recently I've begun to do more and more digital painting.  I try very hard to view working digitally as just using another tool rather than anything else.  Digital does have the major advantage of speed; no scanning, no clean-up, no fussing with colour to get it "just right."  And for comics work, that is really key.

Metal Gods ThumbnailComics and Sequential Art: first, most of my comic book work have their own mini-sites. Metal Gods, my brand new digital series, can be found by clicking here. Stargazer, my all-ages graphic novel, can be found by clicking here. The road to god knows..., my first graphic novel released in late 2009, can be found at here. Each mini-site contains extensive information about each book.

Second, more recent comic work can be explored by clicking here and going through the various archives.

Sketches thumbnailSketches and prelim work: this is a hodge-podge of sketching, thumbnails, and the like. All kinds of different stuff.

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Stargazer by Von Allan


the road to god knows... by Von Allan

The road to god knows cover design

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Trailer for "Stargazer"

Trailer for "the road to god knows..."

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