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Links to various short stories I've written and illustrated are below. Longer works (graphic novels) are listed after that.

Wolf's Head

Wolf's Head Issue 1 Cover Thumbnail My latest comics, WOLF'S HEAD, is now available in print! In full colour! It has an ISBN of and is being carried in some comic shops. It's also available at Amazon as well as other online retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Chapters Indigo, and so on.

A short synopsis: WOLF'S HEAD is the story of Lauren Greene, a young woman who quits her job as a police officer in Detroit and consequently struggles to pick up the pieces and find her place in society. After her mom makes an astounding discovery at a research facility, Lauren must fight for their lives against forces that will stop at nothing to stop them.

It is so new that I haven't built a dedicated website for it as of yet (soon!), but in the meantime you can have some fun looking at sketches and whatnot in my archives here.

Comic Book Short Stories

Note: the above three stories are also in the printed collection WIZARDS FOR HIRE - CHEAP! (ISBN: 978-0-9952772-1-2). The collection is available for purchase at your local comic book shop. You can also purchase it online at places like Amazon (here's a link) and Barnes & Noble (right here).

The Two Magic-Users. Two magic-users find themselves deep in an unknown dungeon and get more than they bargained for when they discover a mysterious magic scroll.

When I Find You Again, It Will Be In Mountains. A bitter-sweet story dealing with LGBT themes.

I Was Afraid for My Life. A short story dealing with police violence.

Bushido Bob! A science fiction story, one really "ripped from the headlines," with a couple of fun twists at the end.

Bubbles! A short story loosely based on a real experience. Featuring kids and a whack of soap bubbles!

The Street. An older story, but recently (July 2019!) coloured for the first time. And one with a fun twist in it, too!

Graphic Novels

STARGAZER Volume 1 ISBN 978-09-781237-4-1. Volume 2 ISBN 978-0-9781237-2-7

the road to god knows... (update: now, sadly, out of print). ISBN 978-0-9781237-0-3. For those interested on the "how's and why's" of this decision, please visit my short essay On Getting Stronger.

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