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Beatrix character design for the short story "When I Find You Again..."

Character Designs for the short story When I Find You Again It Will Be In Mountains by Von Allan

This was the main character design for Beatrix, the focus point of my short story When I Find You Again, It Will Be In Mountains. As with that story, this was done quite awhile ago, though I only recently coloured it.

Short stories can be a bit tricky from a design point of view. In this case, the story was only six pages long. How long is the "right" time to spend doing design work? I decided to cut it short and plunge right in, kinda designing on the fly (save for this piece), developing things as I went along. Not ideal maybe, but there's always a time/story balance that can be hard to get right. It really is tricky, a challenging reality of creating comic books.

Wolf's Head by Von Allan

Link to Von Allan's Wolf's Head comic book series

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