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Wolf's Head Launches Today on ComiXology

Wolf's Head Launches on ComiXology Today Featuring Lauren, Patty, and Sanko - Illustrated by Von Allan
I'm very pleased to announced that the digital comic book version of ‘Wolf’s Head’ has now launched on ComiXology. The link to the first issue is at https://www.comixology.com/Wolfs-Head-1/digital-comic/856066

I should add that ComiXology has received and approved issues 2 through 10, so I expect that subsequent issues will be released regularly. The link to the series is at https://www.comixology.com/Wolfs-Head/comics-series/144356

What's it about? ‘Wolf's Head’ is the story of Lauren Greene, a young woman who quits her job as a police officer in Detroit and consequently struggles to pick up the pieces and find her place in society. After her mom makes an astounding discovery at a research facility, Lauren must fight for their lives against forces that will stop at nothing to stop them. I think the series is a great deal of fun and also contains the best writing and comic book art I've ever created.

The print editions of ‘Wolf's Head’ have been making their way to bookstores (both online and off) for awhile now, but this is the first time that ‘Wolf's Head’ will be available in a digital version. For those who don't know, each volume of the print version contains two issues (making each volume approximately 60 pages in length). The digital version is a single issue and that means the page count for each digital issue is approximately 25 to 30 pages in length.

There's a dedicated website for the series at https://wolfs-head.vonallan.com/. This site includes previews, frequently asked questions, a complete media kit, links to the print editions, and more! https://wolfs-head.vonallan.com/ will also be updated in the near future with ComiXology links to each issue, too.

I think that covers it! I'm very pleased to have ‘Wolf's Head’ out in this format. It's going to be a great deal of fun to have the series roll out on ComiXology. Come with me, won't you?

Wolf's Head by Von Allan

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