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Essays by Von Allan

This area collects a lot of the writing I’ve done over the past couple of years. Most of these touch on some aspect of the world of comic books, graphic novels, and webcomics, but a few are entirely unrelated. I’ve tried to keep it organized so that navigating it is, hopefully, fairly intuitive. No promises, though!

1. Learning by Failing - Colour Theory and Comics - Where I discuss my constant and never-ending exploration of colour, especially regarding how it's applied to comics (or at least how I apply it to my comics!), and how much fun (and challenging!) it is to learn.

2. On Getting Stronger - Being involved in a documentary on the children of parents with a mental illness ("COPMI") gave me an opportunity to revisit my artwork from my very first graphic novel the road to god knows... This essay details my art progression from 2009 to 2017 with side by side examples from road.

3. On my Mom - On the 20th anniversary of her death. There's also a follow-up on this with some more recent thoughts, including winning the 2019 CBC Trailblazer Award, here.

4. Guerrillas in the Mist - the effectiveness of exhibiting at comic book and graphic novel conventions. Why do artists and writers exhibit at them? Do they really stand to gain anything? Especially if you're new and unknown? I based this on a lot of my own experiences but I still stand by my conclusions.

5. Robert Kirkman and Invincible - a few years back I took a look at the rapid rise of Invincible and tried to determine why such a rise occured in the first place. I'll never know if this anaylsis is correct, but it certainly was interesting to look at. And I think it does shed some light on what factors lead to a comic's success or failure.

6. A comparison between the historical prices of mainstream comics and the United States Federal Minimum Wage: For those wondering why comics seem so expensive nowadays, this is an attempt to show that there has been a very real inflation in comic book prices since the 1970s and the amount of comics one can buy on a minimum wage job is now very small compared to what it once was.

7. Rowen -  On a very special dog.

Wolf's Head by Von Allan

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