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Love, Laughter, and Loss—A Comics Collection now available in Hardcover

This has been a long-time coming, but I’m very pleased to announce the publication of my latest comics collection! And, for the first time, this is a premium hardcover! Titled LOVE, LAUGHTER, AND LOSS: A COMICS COLLECTION, this edition features nine short stories in full colour. The printing and colour fidelity are top-notch; in fact, I don’t think my work has ever looked this beautiful.

Cover of Love, Laughter, and Loss: A Comics Collection by Canadian comics writer and artist Von Allan

These stories have appeared in print before, mainly in two separate periodical collections that are now out of print. The first periodical was titled WIZARDS FOR HIRE — CHEAP! while the second periodical was titled STORIES! 2015 TO 2019. While I was very happy to see these two editions published, keeping saddle-stitched editions in print was, frankly, a pain. Publishing LOVE, LAUGHTER, AND LOSS is a much better way of keeping them in print. On top of it, many of these stories were recoloured for this new hardcover. And that means a number of these stories have never looked this good before. Am I happy with it? Oh yes!

All of these stories have also been released on this very website in webcomic form. In other words, there’s no need at all to guess on what’s included in the collection. All of these stories can be found at https://www.vonallan.com/p/comics.html — and you can navigate from there to find each individual story. The stories included in this hardcover collection are as follows (with links to make direct navigation even easier):
I just want to reiterate how pleased I am with this edition. I was actually pretty nervous about it; I’ve never printed a hardcover before and there were a few logistical issues that I ran into that slowed production as I took my time ensuring the best quality control possible. I was holding my breath when the physical proof copy arrived and I was pretty nervous when I “unboxed” it. My fears were misplaced; everything turned out beautifully.

If you love comics, especially independent/small press comics, I think you’ll fall in love with this edition. I know I have — and that’s saying something!

Links to Purchase

LOVE, LAUGHTER, AND LOSS: A COMICS COLLECTION is still “propagating” out there, but here are some initial purchasing links that I know of for sure. More will be added as they appear.

Photos of the Graphic Novel!

Love, Laughter, and Loss cover by Von Allan

Love, Laughter, and Loss cover by Von Allan

Love, Laughter, and Loss cover by Von Allan

Love, Laughter, and Loss cover by Von Allan

Love, Laughter, and Loss cover by Von Allan

STORIES! 2015 TO 2019 released on ComiXology and Print

Short Stories 2015 to 2019 Written and Illustrated by Von Allan

2021 Update

When I initially wrote this post, STORIES! 2015 TO 2019 was simultaneously released in print and digital. However, the comic book edition is now out of print, although the Kindle edition is still available. But! All the stories that were contained within it plus all the stories that were in the print edition of WIZARDS FOR HIRE - CHEAP! are now contained in a deluxe hardcover titled LOVE, LAUGHTER, AND LOSS: A COMICS COLLECTION. It's a beautiful edition that is now available world-wide. You can find more information about this new hardcover on the studio's shop page or simply by visiting here.

STORIES! 2015 TO 2019

So, what's inside STORIES! 2015 TO 2019? Well, this is a lovely collection of five short stories that have appeared right here on this website as short webcomics. The collection includes the following stories (and links to read them for free as webcomics are provided, too). Altogether there's about 40 pages of stories plus a few other bonuses. I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out.

Stories! 2015 to 2019 cover by Von Allan
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Please consider purchasing a copy! And if you have friends that you think might enjoy them, please share this with them!


Wolf's Head by Von Allan

Link to Von Allan's Wolf's Head comic book series

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