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Showing posts with label dwarfs. Show all posts

Biker Dwarfs in Zombietown!

This was a really fun illustration that I actually completed a couple of years ago. Technically part of a much larger image, but I thought it would be neat to isolate one of the figures (the aforementioned Biker Dwarf!) and incorporate some text into it. I just love Dwarfs and I especially love kick-ass BLOOD BOWL-style Dwarfs. Especially the world famous (!) Dwarf Warhammerers! Yes, damn it, while I may do serious stories, it's also a great deal of fun to cut loose with illustrations like this.

By the by, the font is JSL Blackletter, created by Jeff Lee, and is terrific. JSL Blackletter was used to a large extent in LABYRINTH LORD* from Goblinoid Games.

* For those who don't know, LABYRINTH LORD is one of the first "retroclones" that came out based on the Open Games License. Released in 2007, LABYRINTH LORD is a very close approximation of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Basic Set edited by Tom Moldvay. You can download a "no-art" version of LABYRINTH LORD for free on the Goblinoid Games' download page.

Biker Dwarfs in Zombietown! Black and white brush and ink illustration by Von Allan

Biker Dwarfs in Zombietown! Full colour brush and ink illustration by Von Allan

Short Story - The Street

UPDATE! While you can always read the short story below, I have decided to start making my comics freely available to all for easier digital reading. Please visit https://www.vonallan.com/p/pirate-von.html for more information and download links!

I was recently going through some older stories and came across this one from back around 2015. While I would approach a few things differently now (both in terms of writing and art), it dawned on me that I never coloured it. And since I had a bit of a spare time, I decided to do so!

With that out of the way, here we go!

Page 1 of short comics story The Street by Von Allan

Page 2 of short comics story The Street by Von Allan

Page 3 of short comics story The Street by Von Allan

Page 4 of short comics story The Street by Von Allan

Page 5 of short comics story The Street by Von Allan

Page 6 of short comics story The Street by Von Allan

Page 7 of short comics story The Street by Von Allan

Page 8 of short comics story The Street by Von Allan

This story first saw print in the comic book titled STORIES! 2015 TO 2019 back in 2019. Unfortunately, the print edition is out of print (though you might be able to find a copy using Bookfinder). But! This story — as well as a boatload of others — were collected into a beautiful hardcover edition titled LOVE, LAUGHTER, AND LOSS: A COMICS COLLECTION. More information about that edition can be found right here.

In addition, there is also a digital comic book version of STORIES! 2015 TO 2019 on Kindle that can be read anywhere in the world. That edition is available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089QX5LJC.

For more of my comic short stories, please visit my archive of comic books and webcomics.

What? More Dwarfs?

Yes! More dwarfs. I love dwarfs. LOVE THEM. And, when I get a chance to game, guess what I play?

Inked Illustration of Two Dwarf Killerbeards by Von Allan

Inked Illustration of a Feisty Female Dwarf Killerbeard by Von Allan

I also like playing around with stereotypes when it comes to illustrations like this. Often (not always, but often) dwarfs are depicted as males. It's really fun to invert that and have very feisty female dwarfs. Why the hell not?

More Biker Dwarfs

Some more biker dwarf illustrations! YES! Very goofy but very, very fun! Colour versions of two of these (in different styles, too) can be found here.

Inked illustration of a group of fantasy biker dwarfs by Von Allan

Inked illustration of a group of female fantasy biker dwarfs by Von Allan

Inked illustration of a group of fantasy biker dwarfs by Von Allan

Inked illustration of a group of fantasy female biker dwarfs by Von Allan

Biker Dwarfs in Colour

Colour versions of some dwarf bikers by Von Allan

Female dwarf bikers in colour by Von Allan

What can I say? I like dwarfs! Well, dwarves, too, of course, but I tend to go with the "f" spelling. What's not to like?

In gaming terms, especially in old school DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, dwarfs have that really handy ability to detect traps, mechanical alterations to dungeons, as well as sloping tunnels and all that. In fact, in FIGHT ON! 4, Dave Bowman really emphasized their importance in a terrific article titled Delvers Delve. If you like D&D, LABYRINTH LORD, SWORDS & WIZARDRY, and whatnot, I can't recommend that article enough.

Dwarf Killerbeards in black and white and colour

Two Dwarf Killerbeards in colour illustrated by Von Allan
Black and white inked version of Two Dwarf Killerbeards illustrated by Von Allan

While I don't have a lot of time for gaming, I do like to game from time to time. When I do, it's typically in the "old school" style, probably best represented by early 80s DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS (I'm particularly fond of Tom Moldvay's version) and it's retro-clone versions (especially LABYRINTH LORD by Dan Proctor).

And when I game, I love (love!) using henchmen. Or, in this case, henchdwarfs! You know, dwarfs-at-arms. Or, as I like to call 'em, Killerbeards! Enough, in fact, that I've included them in one comics short story I did. Why use humans when you can use dwarfs?! I love me some dwarfs!

Close-up on a Dwarf Killerbeard

A close-up on a Dwarf Killerbeard. He is (or was) some kind of Hench. Illustration by Von Allan

As much as I have a soft spot for dwarfs, I have a soft spot for dwarf henchmen (dwarf-at-arms!) in particular. This is something that I think THE VENTURE BROS. have captured extremely well. As did Adam Beechen and Manny Bello's HENCH indy graphic novel. Of course, henchmen and other retainers are a big, big part of old school gaming; it can be a helluva lot of fun to see them develop in their own right. Especially after your main fighter gets ganked in the back by a bunch of Kobolds or something and you need a quick successor.

Henchmen...gotta love 'em!

Biker dwarfs in a dungeon

Biker dwarfs in a dungeon confronted by...something. Illustration by Von Allan

In my head, these dwarfy folks have just hit the first level, full of enthusiasm, energy, and greed for gold, only to be confronted by… something. What the hell is it? You tell me! One of the fun aspects of dungeons, at least for me, is to play around with expectations. I suppose this monster could be a pudding or a slime, but I think there's a great deal of suspense and excitement when a Referee tosses out the ol' standard bestiary or monster manual and uses brand new critters instead. That keeps players on their toes, never quite sure what they're facing.

Biker dwarfs along a winter street

Biker Dwarf Killerbeards along a fantasy winter street painting by Von Allan

Really fun little winter street scene. Have I mentioned that I love dwarfs? Well, I do! Biker Dwarfs in particular, because I like my fantasy (well, especially when it comes to the stout lads and lassies) to have a mix of science fiction. Science Fantasy, if you will. While I was never much of a WARHAMMER 40K fan (nothing wrong with it, I just did not know anyone who played it), I did get pretty invested in BLOOD BOWL. And especially DUNGEONBOWL! Or more precisely, ELVES, DWARFS, AND DUNGEONBOWL! That game was a great deal of fun. Whew, boy! What is a smidgen odd is that I was not much of a board game fan, either, but BLOOD BOWL was a blast. I think because it was so very, very silly. Toss in the undead, chainsaws, and (if you were playing DUNGEONBOWL) spiked footballs and teleport pads and the game had an unpredictable chaos to it that was really fun.

A version of this art also appeared in the print edition of WIZARDS FOR HIRE - CHEAP! in the summer of 2017. While that issue is now out of print (boo!), you can read it for free in digital format at my "Pirate Von" section. That's right over at https://www.vonallan.com/p/pirate-von.html!

Dungeon Delving Biker Dwarfs Find Buried Gold

I really had fun doing this piece. A pack of dungeon delvers, dwarfy delvers at that, looking to strike it rich! One of the things I get a kick out of doing is teasing what's just off-page; what's about to ruin their fun? Who knows? Judging by the look on that lead "Biker Dwarf's" face, it can't be good. Is she about to run away? Fight the good fight? What do you think?

Dungeon delving biker dwarfs find some buried gold. A brush and ink illustration by Von Allan

Dungeon Dwarf

I have to admit, I do have a soft spot for dwarfs. Especially biker-type dwarfs, fully kitted out and ready for adventure. Old school adventure, I hasten to add!

Old School Dungeon Dwarf with Armour, Weapons, and a trusty backpack by Von Allan

Wolf's Head by Von Allan

Link to Von Allan's Wolf's Head comic book series

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